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Beer & Cider List

The 2018 Festival will be sponsored by:


The 2018 festival will be in aid of Charities including:

2018 Provisional Beer list

Brewery Ale ABV

Acorn Yorkshire Pride 3.7
Arundel Sussex IPA 4.5
Bank Top Bad to the Bone 4.0
Barngates Cracker Ale 3.9
Beartown Bearly Literate 4.5
Bexley Golden Acre 4.2
Big Smoke Solaris 3.8
Big Smoke Sunshower 4.7
Blackedge Pike Pale Ale 4.0
Box Steam Piston Broke 4.5
Brentwood Brentwood Best 4.2
Bude Porthbud 4.0
Bushys 1874 Mild 3.5
Castle Rock Elsie Mo 4.7
Coastal Merry Maidens Mild 4.0
Crafty Brewing Loxhill Biscuit 3.8
Dancing Duck Ay Up 3.9
Dark Star Sunburst 4.8
Elland 1872 Porter 6.5
Exe Valley It's Phil's Ale 4.8
Exmoor Gold 4.5
Fullers Front Row 3.7
Fullers Oliver's Island 3.8
Fullers Spring Sprinter 4.0
Fullers Southern Star 4.0
Gales Seafarers 3.6
Gales HSB 4.8
Kelburn Misty Law 4.0
Lacons Encore 3.8
Langham Halfway to Heaven 3.5
Leeds Yorkshire Gold 4.0
Malt Missenden Pale Ale 3.6
Moles Rucking Mole 4.5
Phipps Midsummer Meadow 3.9
Prospect Nutty Slack 3.9
Quantock Sunraker 4.2
Ramsgate Gadds No 3 Kent Pale Ale 5.0
Roosters 24 7 4.7
Springhead The Leveller 4.8
Surrey Hills Shere Drop 4.2
Surrey Hills Greensand IPA 4.6
Swannay Scapa Special 4.2
Thames Side Mallard Mild 3.5
Thames Side Egyptian Goose 4.8
Three Castles Vale Ale 4.3
Tring Mansion Mild 3.7
Twickenham Grandstand 3.8
Twickenham Naked Ladies 4.4
Wimbledon Common Pale 3.7
Wimbledon Copper Leaf 4.0
Windsor & Eton Parklife 3.2
Windsor & Eton Windsor Knot 4.0
York Guzzler 3.6

2018 Provisional Cider list

Name ABV Notes

Lilley's - Somerset

Somerset Scrumpy 6.0% A very traditional unfillered cider
Gladiator 8.4% Intoxicatingly easy to drink
Rum Cider 4.0% Smooth and mellow with a tint of rum
Mango 4.0% Mouthwatering tropical flavour
Strawberry 4.0% Very moreish juicey cider
Rhubarb 4.0% Taste sensation, sweet with a tart edge
Celtic Marshes Beverages Ltd

Cracklin Rosie 4.5% Perry, delicate and fine taste
Cockeyed Cider Co

Chilli Ginger 4.0% Ginger spicy kick
Cornish Orchard

Blush 4.0% Raspberry Aroma, fruity well balanced
Pear-Cider 5.0% Gentle pear tones, crisp dessert apple
Farmhouse 4.8% Rips apple flavour
Vintage 7.2% Connoiseur's cider
GwyntY Ddraig

Haymaker 6.5% A true farmhouse cider with a smooth finish
Original Cider Co

Bootlegger Moonshine 7.5% Strong and very drinkable
Sandford Orchard

Fanny's Bramble 4.0% Uniquely fruity refreshing cider
Scrumpy Wasp

Nice Pear 5.0% An awesome pair, that goes down a treat

Tumbledown 5.2% Very interesting blend of cider
Fruit Bat 4.0% Crisp apple blended with Strawberry,raspberry & Blackcurrant
Thirstly Cross

Whiskey Cask 6.9% The name says it all
Mr Whiteheads

Toffee Apple Cider 4.0% A light cider gently infused with toffee

As with all Beer festivals it is possible that some beers may not be available for sessions. If you wish to be notified please contact us.
Supported by Kingston & Leatherhead CAMRA